Making Pasta



On Monday we learned how to make pasta. It was so much fun! We learned how to make three types of pasta: ravioli, tagliatelle, and gnocchi. I was surprised how simple the process of making these pastas was. For ravioli and tagliatelle, the dough consisted only of regular flour, egg, and a pinch of salt. The gnocchi consisted of potatoes, flour, and egg.

I don’t typically like cooking very much. I have a bad habit of only doing things that I’m naturally good at, and cooking is definitely not one of those things. It was fun to play with the dough though, and the extra dry pasta that I created was disguised amidst everyone else’s pasta so everything turned out okay. The best part was eating the pasta. I was very impressed with my classmates and myself! It tasted delicious! Of course this was also due to the sauces that were prepared for us: Ragu, a tomato sauce, and a sage and butter sauce with with the spinach and feta filled ravioli. I absolutely loved all of the pastas, and think I will actually try to recreate the recipes for my friends and family at home. My favorite was the ravioli, but the gnocchi was also really good. I’ve had gnocchi several places in Italy so far, and it’s a really good noodle. I liked how natural it tasted that I was able to taste a few small potato chunks in our own “little mice”. It was definitely a fun experience that will allow us to recreate a little piece of Italy at home once we leave.

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