New International Student Orientation: Peer Mentor Orientation Day

In my last blog post I talked about what NISO is and how we prepared for it January 11th. The next day, January 12th, was the day of the orientation. I woke up early in order to get to the orientation with time to set up. We met in Farzaneh hall and transported a cart full of things to Dale, where the event took place. We assembled tables, organized signs with different group names, and checked in students, directing them to booths at the top of the stairs.

After everyone was checked in, the orientation began in one of the large classrooms while we sat with the students in our groups. They had speakers from Study Abroad, the College of International Studies, and Norman. They even had some Native American dancers preform to share some of the native culture that we have in Oklahoma. After the presentations, there was a dinner with pizza where we got to know more about our group. My group was from all over the world.

The orientation was a very long day but overall it was a good experience. I highly recommend it to any Global Engagement Fellows who are looking for a way to meet international students and become engaged with the global community on the University of Oklahoma’s campus.

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