The Tower

Last week we visited the old fortress on the very top of the hill. I had seen the outside of the fortress many times in the park, but it was really interesting to be able to enter. The fortress had been rebuilt many different times during different eras. I thought it was interesting that much of the fortress actually used to be under ground and that local kids used to play on top of it before it was excavated. The architecture incorporated into the renovation was really beautiful, and very much my aesthetic. I loved all of the natural stone with glass and rustic sleek lighting and accents. I love the history of Italy. It seems that in the middle ages people based all of their building strategies on defending themselves from invaders, which just isn’t something I think about often. I think that once the renovation is done, the town of Arezzo will make a lot of money off of the space. I’m sad I won’t get to see it completed.

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