World Literature Today Book Group

I decided to join the WLT book group for my international group. They read a different international book each month and then discuss it. This is a unique group because it combines faculty, students, and norman residents. This allows for diverse readings of the same book and interesting discussions. I chose this group because I love reading and literature, and it’s a great way for me to engage with international issues and cultures through a medium that I love- namely books. I attended my first meeting on October 22nd. We read The Blind Fisherman for that meeting. Mia Couto, the author, was here in Norman for the Neustadt Festival. We had the amazing opportunity of talking to him about his book in our book club. I’m really excited about getting involved in this international group.

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  1. This sounds really cool! I was still trying to decide on an international group to join, and I think World Literature Today’s book group could be a really interesting way to connect to other cultures by understanding their writing. I saw Mia Couto speak at the Birds of God performance and he was fascinating!

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